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Join a thrilling white water hydrospeed adventure

This is a high adrenaline water sport; think of white water rafting but without the raft! The guides will teach you to master the river on this amazing adventure!

Some people find hydrospeed the most challenging of all our down the river activities as there is only a board between you and river waves and rocks.

You have to hold a hydrospeed with your hands. You will be equipped with a warm wetsuit, wetsocks, helmet and pfd, and with the flippers on the feet, we go faster than the current, to conquer the rapids of the river.

Our hydrospeeds are made of foam, making them safer and softer than the plastic hydrospeed.

 The Hydrospeed is appropriately named: this is the ultimate way to carve your way through a Norwegian waterway! The guides will show you what a Hydrospeed can really do! Light and easy to use, you can get right into the river without the pressure of a large board.

 Your guides will show you how to get the most of your Hydrospeed adventure.

 After a short briefing and a small practical session you will already be able to:

–         Do the roll

–         Cross the current

–         Maneuver down the river

–         Surf small and bigger waves

–         Dive from rocks and cliffs

–         Twist 360º

Lom & Skjåk Adventure provides normal trips, extreme trips and family trips.


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